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    AMROY- Refining Your PCB Projects

    To manufacture the Circuit Boards, it is very important to to analysis through DFM (Design for manufacture), DFA (Design for Assembly) & DRC (Design Rule Check) where the gerbers/ODB or PCB files are load in high end tools and checked by production floor experience engineers to ensure there is no descripenscies in design as per IPC Classes call outs and production floors capabilities for Fabrication & Assembly.

    This is were we refine the PCB projects by raising the design issues as per manufacturing capabilities.

    Our DFM services include:

    • To ensure the NET LIST error as short, broken, missing nets & stubs
    • Review if we can minimiz the number of operations on production floors to save cost (especially for HDI stackups)
    • To raise design issues as per manufacturing capabilities.
    • To ensure the stackups material and thicknesses to avoid any warebridge or heat desipation factors etc.

    Our DFA services that include:

    • Parts Foot print inspection as per reference pads on PCB.
    • Descreate components spacing to spacing
    • Large & descreate components inspections for good solder and joint as per IPC standards
    • To review XY placement data if it is similar with provided files and BOM data

    Our DRC services that includes:

    • DRC relates the issues with designs, where as in this we ensure the pad to pad spacings, solder paste layers thickness and dimensions as per pads to avoid solder bridging.
    • To ensure parts footprints dimensions as per parts data sheets.
    • All Design rule checks have to be raised before starting the fabrication to avoid any issues in Assembly.

    However, we never compromise to provide the best services to our clients. We keep the trust maintained with our clients so they can keep us in there mind for future projects If you want to avail of our services, contact us anytime because we are available for you 24/7 with our best support assistant team working day & night 5 working days a week.

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