AMROY provides PCB front-end engineering support services worldwide.

Are you struggling to find the best front-end engineering support service providers to check the errors in PCB designs in less time? If yes, then you have reached AMROY correctly.

We know that detecting errors in PCB designs before manufacturing is very necessary. Moreover, fabrication floors take a lot of time to check your PCB designs because many steps are involved. Therefore, it increases the cost of your project.

However, you don’t have to worry because AMROY provides time and cost-efficient DFM, DRC, and DFA services for detecting problems in PCB designs.

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AMROY provides PCB front-end engineering support services worldwide. We perform have highly professional Electrical and Mechanic engineers who ensures all the requirment needed before manufacturing, by the production floor experience there choice & recommendations are totally touching the future of the era of printed circuit board

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    We work for decreasing the time it takes in pre-analyzing of PCB manufacturing by performing Design for manufacturing & Design rule checks in just 24 hours. Also, we have specialized team of Part procurment which works on the approved supplier lists to procure parts and get it over floor before fabs ends, search for out of stocks or hard to source parts and very important to suggest an alternate as per the part data sheets

    Our Vision

    We work to provide the best PCB front-end engineering services to contractors and assemblers looking for time-efficient DFM, DRC, and DFA services. Our main objective is to maintain trust with our customers and give them the chance to see future more projects with us by our excellence in PCB manufacturing services.

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