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    PCB CAM Team

    Are you looking for the right PCB Cam services to help you start the manufacturing process without any further delay? If yes, congrats; half of your problem ends here by reaching the right page while at the same time, the rest half will be solved by the end of this page.

    To find out what AMROY brings to you, keep reading!

    What Services Do We Offer?

    The fear of the questionable quality of the product and the delay in its launch is a nightmare. However, the services we offer will help you overcome this nightmare. We are experts in providing the pre-production performing and post-production checks for our customers. Our services include performing;

    • DFM (Design for Manufacturing).
    • DRC (Design Rule Check).
    • DFA (Design for Assembly).
    • Pre-quote analysis of design files for manufacturers.
    • Purposing the stacks up as per the customer’s requirement.

    How Does It Work?

    You just have to submit the design files/Gerber files/ ODB++ to AMROY CAM Engineers. The files will be review in highly specialized software’s/tools by our front end engineers for DFM,DRC & DFA issues for manufacturing of PCBA as per IPC Callouts.

    Our front end engineers then raised the issues they found and make the proper report along with the suggestion for it to avoid the design issue for production.

    We also ensure to minimize the customer cost for high end PCB process with the smart recommendation by the experience of process and capabilities as per industry requirments.

    Why Should You Choose AMROY?

    We are the first Pakistan-based company that provides PCB Cam services worldwide. AMROY aims to serve PCB engineering needs all over the globe. Our front-end team will widen the artwork geometry globally so that your PCB comes out with the best etching and matches the desired design accurately when everything is done.

    Thinking how much it will cause to check all the PCB process checks?
    The answer is only 24 hours! Along with the strong team of highly experienced engineers and support team.

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