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    Part Procurement Team

    Are you looking for skilled and professional part procurement services to the parts you selected for the PCB’s can get procure and deliver on time? Well, then you are in luck, that you have reached to AMROY.

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    Why Should You Consider Us?

    We  have a team of procurement department which is specialize  part procurement from offshore suppliers, local market and have a good supplier lists in best prices.

    We provide a worldwide service. Our stellar reputation is owed to our skilled engineers and professionals who do their job efficiently.They excel in a wide array of skills, so you can rest assured about the quality of work.Furthermore, this diligent staff is available 24/7 to cater to your needs.

    How Can You Benefit From Part Procurement Services?

    You will benefit plenty by enlisting part procurement services.

    1. BOM analysis and part cost
    2. Purchasing of components from our trusted and approved supplier list (e.g: Digikey, Mouser)
    3. Follow-ups with suppliers for delivery of parts on time
    4. To find hard to source parts as this is main issues of end customers.
    5. Provides alternate parts to customer for out of stock or discontinued parts.

    So with AMORY ‘s help, you will manage to cut downtime in acquiring parts for your projects and get work done faster than your competitors. This way, you can better utilize your resources for other higher-end projects.

    What we need from you to move forward?

    We required BOM (Bill of material) which includes as below columns:

    1. Qty required Per board
    2. Reference designator
    3. Description (electrical & mechanical)
    4. Manufacturer/supplier
    5. MFG P/N or Supplier P/N
    6. Special notes

    Fortunately, AMORY is your top choice in the matter. We offer quality work at affordable prices. So what are you waiting for? Hire AMORY today for the perfect execution of your PCB projects.

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