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    Front-End Engineering Team

    Looking for the best Front-end Engineering providers to help you out in short time and for cost-efficient PCB front end engineering sevice? Well, that is what AMROY takes for you.  We are providing the best front-end engineering and customer support services to worldwide companies/organizations to safe there multiple of days for there projects.

    As you know that PCB front-end engineering is a long process, and it also requires a lot of time. The multiple steps involved in this process make it more time consuming. But you don’t have to worry anymore. AMROY will provide you with the Best Front-End PCB  services which includes a team of front end experienced engineers, sales associates & support team to insure update the customers on there projects.

    About AMROY

    AMROY provides PCB engineering services worldwide. We fulfill the engineering needs before PCB manufacturing by providing services which includes DFM, DFA, and DRC based on multinational Tools for standard and HDI Pcb’s.

    To reach Fabrication, Assembly and Components supplier for the complete PCB production is includes the chains of processes as it takes plenty of days for manufacturers to reply the indivdual customers from which the leadtime gets up and for that they charge you a lot of money that can make the project uneconomical. However, we can deliver you front-end engineering services and get the manufacturing queries solved with in 24hrs – 42hrs excluding weekends and holidays, in a good economical budgets.

    In addition to this, we also provide PCB Gerber design services, PCB CAM service, Design Rule checks service and all the major fabrication and Assembly issues.

    How we work:

    AMROY specializes in delivering the finest quality Front-end customer support services to the PCB industry well known customers & suppliers with the surety to not get there projects details disclouse and persuie the work with highly agreemental trust,

    AMROY accept all the below format with complete specifications and important notes for maufacturing


    • Gerber RS- 274x / ODB++
    • All other documentations and IPC class protocols.


    • Gerber RS- 274x / ODB++/DXF files.
    • BOM (bill of material) in excel format with all MFG P/N.
    • Assembly details & Notes
    • All other documentations and IPC class protocols.

    In the case of Gerber Clean up, you can avail the front-end engineering services like:

    • Outline creation and checking fab drawing
    • Making pads and surfaces of boards
    • Line unification
    • Redundant pad removal
    • Drill report for holes

    We check for manufacturing issues as per IPC class standards like copper to copper features spacing, copper pad, annular rings, line/spacing, and other plenty of checks we perform which can affect DFM. Moreover, we check component to component spacing, silkscreen or reference designator check to insure it is visual, Fine pitch IC’s spacing to ensure soldering issues relates to Assembly and for future reworks.

    Our Expertise

    AMORY is working with the good name in era of PCB manufacturing electronic and mechanical engineering. We have years of experience in providing Front-end support services. Our expertise includes:

    • To provide the deep issues to end customers of their design as per manufacturing floor.
    • To resolve those issues with production floor experiences and knowledge.
    • Suggest customer the standard and HDI stack up for PCB manufacturing
    • Working with Team of most critical fabrication and assembly floors to complete high end customer job issues in very short term periods.

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